Morumo 1/10 Chapter 1

So here is my first release. I hope you like it. It’s nothing special but a fun read. I had a hard time with the SFX so i hope you enjoy them. There was one that was not translated and I couldn’t figure it out. The translation is passable at its best anyway, i think there is a lot of stuff Lost In Translation. So if you find out what that one SFX is let me know.

I’m still searching a translator for AMAZUME mangas!!! If you’re interested let me know, i wouldn’t mind editing for you.

MORUMO 1/10 Chapter 1:

7 thoughts on “Morumo 1/10 Chapter 1

    • well this will be the only chapter for morumo because there is no translator. the first half of chapter 2 is also translated but i don’t think i’ll be doing it. it just upsets me that theres so few translators in scanlation, while every anime is subbed by at least 3 groups ;(

  1. Hi there. Next time kindly don’t spam other group’s recruitment threads with your own projects. Thanks and have a nice day~

    • you searched for an editor and i answered
      if you translate for me, i would edit for you.
      i don’t see that as spam …
      but now i wonder who you are ???
      i assume you are from Jshoujo Scans
      because they’re the only ones so far who
      answered on mangaupdates.

  2. Whats the status of Morumo? And when you say you need a translator do you mean just need the Text translated from another language to English which you would then place in the text bubbles in place of the old text? If so I might be willing ta try and help. I’d give or do Anything ta see more of Morumo. My E-Mail is […] or if you’re in the U.S. and has a cell phone or Long distance My Phone number is […]

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